A Guide on How to Pause Your YouTube TV Account

Understanding Account Pause Pausing your YouTube TV account allows you to temporarily suspend your subscription without canceling it entirely. This option is ideal for times when you won’t be using the service for an extended period, such as vacations or budget adjustments.

Access Account Settings Start by accessing your tv.youtube tv/start sign in account settings. This can typically be done through the website or mobile app. Look for the “Account” or “Settings” option to begin the process.

Navigate to Membership Within the account settings, locate the “Membership” or “Subscription” section. Here, you’ll find options related to your subscription status, including the ability to pause or cancel your account.

Select Pause Membership Click on the “Pause Membership” option to initiate the pause process. You may be prompted to provide a reason for pausing your account, such as “going on vacation” or “financial reasons.”

Set Pause Duration Choose the duration for which you’d like to pause your tv.youtube tv/start account. Options may vary but typically include durations ranging from one to six months. Confirm your selection to proceed with pausing your account.

Confirm and Review Review your pause request to ensure accuracy. Once confirmed, your YouTube TV account will be paused for the selected duration, during which time you won’t be charged for the service.

Pausing your www.tv.youtube tv/start account is a convenient option that provides flexibility and control over your subscription. Follow these simple steps to pause your account and resume streaming whenever you’re ready.