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tv.youtube tv/start: While streaming platforms like Netflix, and Prime offer OTT original content, YouTubeTV provides around 85+ channels of sports, entertainment, news, and lifestyle all packed into one. It is quite similar to the Hulu platform. As YouTube became popular in 2017, the platform launched this service. Since then, It is gradually expanding its reach throughout the world. It offers several channels among which some are a part of add-on services that include additional costs. You can stream YouTubeTV on various platforms like Fire Stick, Chromecast, Smart TVs, Roku, etc. A subscription is required to access it per month. One of this platform’s outstanding features is unlimited cloud DVR recording that no other OTT platforms currently offer. You can store the content on the cloud for nine months. The service also provides YouTube premium, which opens the door to innumerable benefits that do not apply to unsubscribed users. YouTube Premium members also enjoy YouTube Music as a part of their subscription pack. You will get several advantages of ad-free streaming, background playback, offline availability of videos, and access to YouTube originals like Cobra Kai.

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Salient features of YouTube TV

01. Ad-free content

You no longer need to install virus-prone ad-blocking apps. Just enjoy YouTube TV without any interruption of ads on our mobile, desktop, and TV screens.

06. Elegant UI

The UI comprises Home Tab, which includes featured and personalized content based on the user’s viewing, Live Tab, which contains current streaming and upcoming content. The library tab includes DVRs’ saved content.

05. Youtube originals

YouTube TV offers several engaging original contents of genres like comedy, sports, action, or drama and channels like Fox, BBC, Disney, NBC Sports, etc.

02. Unlimited downloads

Once you have downloaded your favorite videos, you can watch them offline anytime with an excellent streaming resolution of 1080p.

03. Background play

You can even play background videos and songs while doing other tasks. For example – you can chat with your friend on WhatsApp and play YouTube content simultaneously.

04. Multiple accounts

It also supports up to 6 user accounts, of which you can stream three at a time. Also, The platform offers curated and personalized content for each user based on their watch history.

Comparison with other Streaming Platforms!

YouTube TV – One of the most popular streaming services on tv.youtube tv/start, comes with extensive DVR support, simultaneous viewing, multiple profiles, and a comprehensive list of channels. It all comes at the cost of $64.99 per month. Check out the official website for more information tv.youtube.com/start.


It is priced at around $55/month. Plenty of channels along with original content on Hulu movies and series.


Though It provides up to 3 simultaneous streams, it doesn’t support multiple profiles. It comes with two packages – Plus and Max priced at $55 and $80/month. The latter comes with HBO max and more sports channels.


The platform doesn’t offer local channels along with TV cable channels. There is no support for multiple profiles.


Contains 30 hour DVR support and two streams. However, It misses out on popular channels like Disney and ESPN. 

Get started with 14 days trial

You can visit ‘tv.youtube.com‘ or ‘tv.youtube tv/start‘ and get a free 7 /14 days trial after which you need to subscribe at around $64.99 per month for the uninterrupted streaming experience. Go to Try it for a free button and enter the zip code for your area.

Steps to follow on Roku device

● Sign in with your Google account. If no account exists, You must create one.

● Allow the permissions asked like location access etc. They help YouTube TV to curate content based on your preferences and viewing history.

● Choose from a list of channels available for you. You can also subscribe to additional channels by paying an extra amount.

● Confirm your wishlist, and you are all set.

Activating through tv.youtube tv/start

● Open the YouTube TV app on your smart TV and log in with your Google account.

● Go to youtube.com/activate on your mobile or laptop device and enter the code shown on your Smart TV or Roku screen, by signing in with the Google account associated with your YouTube TV subscription.

● The things are all set for a great viewing experience once you enter the code and get it verified successfully.

YouTube TV Channels and Add-ons

YouTube TV offers some cable network channels, channels from local networks, and original content from YouTube Red. It offers quite a variety of channels :

● 24-hour news networks like CNN, BBC World, FOX news, etc.

● Covering the sports section through channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBA tv.

● It offers children-specific channels of Disney, CN, etc.

● Added informative channels with 2019 hike like Discovery, Animal Planet, and so on.

● This year saw additional Viacom channels like VH1 and Comedy central.

As far as add-ons are considered, YouTube TV comes up with Channels like AMC for $5/month, Showtime for $7/month, Fox Soccer Plus for $15/ month, Curiosity TV for $3 per month, and many sports add-ons as well. Something new the service offers is a Fantasy view to check your fantasy team’s performance while you enjoy your favorite sports. It is currently available for NFL.com teams only. YouTube TV also offers local network channels for an area; the Live Tab shows what content is currently streaming and what is next in the list.

Compatibility with the devices

You can access YouTube TV through several compatible devices, including Smart TV, streaming sticks, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and laptops. Another option for viewing is through casting from a mobile or laptop device via Google Chromecast, Apple’s AirPlay feature, or plug using an HDMI port via Firestick, Roku streaming sticks, etc. As far as compatibility with Android is considered, YouTube TV works with the 5.0 Lollipop version and above. iPhones and iPods with iOS above 10 are also compatible. The service also works with gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, but not with Nintendo.

Troubleshooting the issues

YouTube Tv might fall susceptible to certain issues at some point. You can rectify the video playback issue by restarting the device, checking the internet connection, installing regular updates, etc. If you face problems with login through your Google account, you can check by clicking the Switch account and logging in again. For more support, You can contact the support team through chat, mail, or helpline. Also, you can get your queries resolved through YouTube’s social media accounts.


Though a costly option, YouTube TV provides a good alternative to cable Tv with a variety of top-notch channels of several genres and original content. You can cancel your subscription at any time and also the service provides flexibility on multiple devices. YouTube stands out in the number of channels available, great DVR support, and an intuitive interface to discover some great content.




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YoutubeTV FAQS

● What is YouTube TV or ‘tv.youtube.com/start‘, ‘tv.youtubetv/start‘, ‘tv.youtube tv/start‘?

YouTube TV is a streaming service that provides 85+ live channels with unlimited DVR space.

● Where is it available currently?

YouTube TV is available throughout the United States now.

● I have issues with video streaming. What can I do?

Try restarting your device, closing and opening the YouTube app, checking and installing the latest software updates, and checking your internet connectivity.

● I have issues with login to YouTube TV?

There is a possibility that you are signed in from a branded account. It could exist if you had a legacy account as a YouTube channel. Try to switch accounts with the one associated with your subscription.

● How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel YouTube TV by going to Settings->Membership. It will be accessible until the billing cycle is over.

● I have been wrongly charged. What are the steps to follow?

If you see a bank account purchase that you didn’t initiate; you can report them to the support team within 120 days.

● How to share issues with YouTube engineers?

You can share information like device model and OS version, video id, CPN id, etc. with the support. Right-clicking on the video player and selecting Stats for nerds and copying debug info will display this information to share for troubleshooting.

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